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Project Description

C omitCoin, a new Cryptocurrency that has commenced trading on the (DEX), a decentralized exchange that is a marketplace for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain investments that is totally open sourced.

We have capped ComitCoin’s total supply at 100,000,000 and reserved 50,000,000 for Sanwire Corporation our parent company. The 50,000,000 ComitCoin reserve is planned for possible future shareholder Sanwire Corporation dividends. For more details on ComitCoin please visit

Project ComitCoin
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How to trade ComitCoin

In order to purchase Cryptocurrency on the DEX you must set up a counterparty coin wallet that can be found here Counterparty wallets are anonymous and can only be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and not directly for US Dollars. Due to that anonymity, counterparty wallets generate a 12 word unique passphrase, a private key that is never stored on servers that is required for easy and secure access.

Once you have the wallet you must fund it with XCP (Counterparty), you can use BTC (Bitcoin) however it does require additional work that is technical in order for the transaction to go through. You can however buy Bitcoin on a centralized exchange to buy XCP and then transfer the XCP to your counterwallet.

Once your wallet is funded with XCP (CounterParty) coins you then log into your counterwallet and click on Exchange and then Markets.

Counter Wallet Menu

Once there will see a box to your right that looks like this. Input "COMITCOIN" in the search box and click on XCP. The coin trading information should come up.

CounterWallet Search Box

You should then see a page similar to the image below. You can buy and sell ComitCoin right here.

ComitCoin on the DEX